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Ningbo City Guide - 领跑宁波的英文资讯网站

Ningbo is a vibrant, lively and ever growing city in Zhejiang province on the east coast of China - 书藏古今,港通天下——欢迎来到中国宁波!宁波历史悠久,文化深厚,是东南沿海一座生机勃勃、充满活力的国际化港口城市。

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HelloNingbo is an online city guide dedicated to the city of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province. Ningbo (宁波) is located on the Eastern coast of China, about 200kms/125miles south of Shanghai. It is a major port for foreign trade and has become an important industrial and economic center of Zhejiang Province. Ningbo offers all types of passenger's transportation including air, train, bus and taxi. A subway is currently under construction which will first deserve the city center then should be extended to suburban districts like Beilun (around 2014) and Zhenhai (around 2018).
- For accommodation, visitors and business travelers are offered a large choice of hotels from budget to international luxury brands including  Howard Johnson, Ibis, Intercontinental, Marriott, Park Hyatt, Shangri-La, Sheraton, Sofitel, The Westin...
- For shopping, Ningbo expats will feel at home when going shopping in supermarkets like Auchan, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Tesco, Walmart and even Metro superstore. Many department stores, markets and shops are also available.
- For dining, visitors can choose amongst Chinese, Asian and Western restaurants such as Picanha Brazilian BBQ, Lobster Bar and Grill, Zorba's Greek Restaurant, Amore's Italian Restaurant and many others...
- For education, Ningbo has several international schools such as NBIS, AIAN, MEA Huamao and also reputable local schools as well as famous universities such as Nottingham Ningbo and Ningbo University.
- For medical care, expats can nowadays find hospitals with international service as well as good dental clinics.
- For nightlife, late sleepers can drop in one of Ningbo's bars, Irish pubs or late night clubs, many of them being located in the city center (Lao Waitan and Tianyi Square area).
- Concerning the weather, Ningbo has sub-tropical rainy springs, hot summers and short winters. With its sunny yet cooler days, autumn is probably the best period for visiting Ningbo.
- Concerning places to visit, keep in mind that Ningbo is not only a bustling business city but also offers many beautiful and peaceful spots which can be found within a range of 20kms and more around the urban area.
- Concerning Chinese language, although most local people speak the Ningbo dialect, they do understand and can also speak Mandarin which is the official language in China mainland. If you don't know much more than "Nihao" or "Xiexie", we strongly advise you to learn some basic expressions in Mandarin using the Pinyin phonetics. See how you can make people so happy when you say a few words in their own language...You can go even further by attending Chinese lessons in Language centers such as Beyond Mandarin or by following a cursus in Ningbo University.
- Want to know what's NEW in town? For live information and events click here: What's on Ningbo - HelloNingbo wishes you a great stay in Ningbo!
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